The anatomy and physiology of Lian Gong
Science behind Lian Gong - Massage in Motion

Everyday the body has to do a lot of co-ordinated actions involving the different muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and spine. Due to wrong postures, improper balancing and repetitive movements, these muscles and sinew are prone to stresses and strains, wear and tear, trauma and injury in the sports and IT sector. This leads to inflammation, accumulation of toxins and impaired blood flow to these organs and tissues. The circulation and nerve supply to the muscles and tendons is affected, leading to pain and disability.

By the practice of Lian Gong, for instance, in the chest region, there is wide stretching of the mediastinum, thereby enough internal space is created in the thoracic cavity for the heart and lungs to expand and contract and by proper breathing, function to the fullest potential. The arteries and veins also constrict and dilate to their fullest capacity and so carry more blood to every nook and corner of the body, leading to increased oxygenation of every cell and tissue and better nutrition of every fiber and cell, leading to balanced and better microcellular function. This increases energy levels and so longer and sustained action happens. Due to collapsed habitual types of postures at work or otherwise, they inhibit natural function and flow of respiratory system.

Likewise, the internal organs of the body are asked to perform all its functions in a congested space. But when you work with Lian Gong, due to acupressure, self massage and wide stretching techniques employed, there is increased space and more space for each individual cell or fiber to function better, leading to increased flexibility and allowance for full range of movement. The amount of oxygen retention is higher and there is more heat, thus more oxygen and nutrients and better micro-circulation, reduces the swelling, inflammation and removal of toxins and metabolites bringing back the muscle and sinew to normal and better function than ever before.

Pains and aches are generally a result of collapse and congestion of space in an area of the body due to trauma or injury and cramped internal body space. And at the microcellular level the function is disturbed due to lack of space, improper oxygenation and lack of nutrients due to reduced circulation.

The mental pressure also mounts due to body pressure. Lian Gong brings about proper alignment and balancing of body parts. All forces acting are even and there is a state of equilibrium. An imbalance in posture and repetitive movements bring about uneven stretching of fibers in different areas of the same ligaments, tendons and muscles making them prone to stresses and strains, wear and tear, weakening of fibers at different points and areas in the same muscle, tendon and ligament.

Practicing Lian Gong again rectifies the muscles, ligaments and tendons and brings it back to normal function. Increased circulation, increased space, increased oxygen, increased nutrition and healing the injured fibers, strengthening them, thereby increasing flexibility and individual fibers, making them less prone to stress, strains and injury and affording stability to the joint. In the spine when there is reduction of inter-vertebral space, the practice of Lian Gong stretches, strengthens and stabilizes the inter-vertebral discs, muscles, ligaments and tendons and gives support, stability and flexibility to the spinal joints and reduce pressure on the inter-vertebral discs. The spinal curves are extremely important. The alignment of the spinal vertebral column to the pelvis is very important. A lateral curvature is called scoliosis. Lian Gong sets right even this lateral curvature. Lian Gong brings back the exaggerated curves back to normal.