:: Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming (1919-2013): A Eulogy


Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming departed from us on 10 April 2013; he was 94. Some might say that is a good life but it was too early, too fast. There was so much more that the world had to learn from Zhuang Yuan Ming. He touched and saved millions of lives.


Zhuang Yuan Ming is the legendary founder of the art of Lian Gong Shi Ba Fa, now practiced in over 30 countries. His greatness, no less, lay in his humility and selflessness. Personally, I learnt from him the values of simplicity, humility and honor. For all this, Zhuang Yuan Ming was full of fun and laughter. He never missed an opportunity to joke. When he was about 87, I hand wrestled with him and surprisingly found him strong as a rock. Zhuang Yuan Ming mischievously giggled in delight at my surprise.


It has been my privilege to know and train under Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming and his son, Zhuang Jian Shen for almost 10 years. They were like family to me. When Zhuang Yuan Ming was ill I used to take him around in a wheel chair. The Chinese were surprised that a foreigner was allowed to do this. Zhuang Jian Shen used to say "He is like a brother". Today I feel I have lost my father.


The world cannot fully comprehend the impact of loss of Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming. He was the rarest of the rare and irreplaceable. But I know at heart Zhuang Yuan Ming would have met his end peacefully because he was loved by his son beyond measure. Zhuang Jian Shen was singly the most devoted and loving son I have come across in my life. He would take his father wherever he went. Even when Zhuang Yuan Ming would feel sick and loudly cough in a restaurant, never have I seen a twinge of embarrassment cross his son’s face. Rare it is to see greater love between father and son. Zhuang Jian Shen is as gracious and great as his father.


I pray for Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming’s spirit; for Zhuang Jian Shen and the entire family to bear this irreparable loss and for the world that will miss a legend and a great teacher. Zhuang Yuang Ming did not heal only bodies; he healed souls.